Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New signatures!

Victoria and I now have some fancy new signatures to put at the bottom of the posts we make. I just -- I was trying to find something that our posts were missing, something that made them look more whole, and the signatures really give it that feeling. So I added them to the most recent posts and now they shine!

It wasn't easy, though. Well, I mean, it wasn't easy for Victoria.

We did our signatures by tablet, and I'm completely accustomed to the tablet now. Easy-peasy. Took me like five seconds. Victoria, however.

Yes, Victoria, however.

Took her about five-hundred tries. I originally saved each of her tries, but darnitall, I accidentally X'd out without saving and I hate myself for it. I did, however, end up saving one of her tries separately.

That's her attempt at the bottom. She was particularly fond of drawing crying faces. We can now officially say that the first thing she learned how to draw on the tablet was a crying face.

Anyway, aside from that, I've updated the page a little to include links to our new book series, and KSW is now listed on blognation, which is pretty cool. (It's where I found all the book review bloggers, so now I'm hip too, right?)

I'm gonna take a week break soon to revise book two, but we're going to continue working on our collection of Word Smashes! Stay cool and have a safe fireworks-in-America day!

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