Wednesday, March 7, 2012

About Us

A native of Southern California, Sarah has adopted an unhealthy relationship with cupcakes and writing, but mostly cupcakes. Currently a student of history, she's also dabbled in illustration, photography, and fashion. None of these things worked out in the end, as writing ended up being the annoying yowling cat in the kitchen, demanding constant attention...or something like that.

Ultimately shelving a number of manuscripts, Sarah continues pressing on, studying hard on what makes a great book great, and taking classes that eat her soul -- which isn't very tasty, no. Too starchy, really.

She can always be swayed by a good cupcake or something shiny, but shies away from mean people and scary drivers on the road (any native of Los Angeles knows what "scary" means on the road, and, perhaps is possibly a perpetrator, which I may or may not be as well, but I'll never tell).

Used to the dreary gray skies of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Victoria is still in shock over the abundance of sunshine in Southern California. She is the whitest of the white folk and despite her severely Italian upbringing she remains blindingly pale. She has a love affair with sweets of all kinds, but like Sarah, cupcakes are the worst of all her vices. She has considered rehab and hypnotism, but to no avail.

Victoria changes her major and goal in life on a weekly basis, and as you read she may have decided to journey to become an astronaut or a monk. (No, not a nun. A monk.) Yet each life goal has stretched to include writing when she realized there was no escaping her love for weaving a good story. Between classes and work is when she gets her writerly fix.

A lover and not a fighter, and prone to bouts of geeky wackiness, Victoria will probably both feed you and read for you all at once. It's just her way of saying "I love you!"

The two met with the beginning of AOL and its chatrooms, about a thousand years ago, and now share cramped living quarters where one is significantly messier than the other. Significantly. Every day has time dedicated to writing, often together, and the rest of the time is spent talking about writing, often together.

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