Monday, July 1, 2013

An update!

I apologize that things have slowed down a bit! One of the reasons is because of health issues, for which I will finally be going to a doctor for, and secondly is this:

After a great deal of thought, Victoria and I have decided to independently publish our urban fantasy series, which you can read more about. Currently the first book is available digitally at Amazon and Barnes&Noble. The paperback will be available once we OK the proof.

Recently, we've been contacting book review bloggers and have gotten some pretty awesome interest. As we've read, the self-pub process is a gradual ascent and we're definitely feeling the overall gradualness of it.

For now, this blog will play host to a lot of Word Smashes that we're going to be playing catch-up on, and we still recommend following us on our Tumblr for all the extra writing stuff we do daily. For now, look forward to 250 Words Smash #21!

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