Monday, October 14, 2013

So Maybe We Will Do Nano

Yesterday on the Tumblog, I asked everyone if they would be participating in Nanowrimo next month. Usually on KSW, the Nano months have been perfect times to get to know the writers who follow KSW, and it's also when I get to learn about everyone's projects. Even when followers change their names and icons, I can still be like, "Oh, you write THIS!"

Also, it's a time when I get to write alongside everyone else, which, for me, is when the whole writing help blog thing doesn't matter and we're all just writers together. The last Camp Nano I unofficially participated in helped me write over 90k of book three back in April, and I haven't plotted and written a full book since completing book three.

I mean, it's not for lack of wanting to write. In fact, I'm lusting so hard for writing book four that I'm ready to climb out of my skin.

But, ever since finishing book three, I've spent the past months revising, making covers, and marketing. All the self-pub stuff.

I will have to finish revising the novella this month (I should be working on that currently and am not, ehehehe), possibly another read-through of book one, and then the (hopefully) final revision of book three, which must be finished before December.

The lattermost can't happen until my betas finish reading, which is likely to happen in November. This means I'm totally going to have to both write and revise. My brain is unruly and difficult to divide between commitments, oh yes it is. I commend those who can, but alas.

I just ate dinner and I'm even hungrier than I was before eating. What's up with that?

Anyway, Nano is an awesome time for getting to know followers, but the blog has grown exponentially since even the most recent Camp Nano, and I can definitely see that in the comments. There's no way I can spend all the time I normally do copying+formatting everyone's progress responses to new posts. I had trouble last time -- I'd make it a full-time job if I did it now.

So, in short, I'll make posts here and encourage everyone to make comments here. Then I can reply, and keep replying, and I don't have to worry about losing track of things.

This'll be a test run and we'll see how it goes from here! (Maybe I can even elbow Victoria into making some posts or something. We'll see.)

So, KSW does Nano on the blog test phase 1. We'll see how it goes!

Let's start off things here. To begin, what's your project about?


  1. Hello! This year, my novel is going to be about some superpowered teenagers who are racing across the war-torn-wilds of future America to seek refuge in the only place left in the country that accepts these superpowered freaks. In the process of just trying to survive, they'll get caught up in the war that they were just trying not to become a casualty in. Maybe they'll even help end it.

  2. My NaNo is about jungle pirates, swamp nomads, and a girl on a grand adventure to make some changes.
    (Purposefully vague because I started planning this yesterday; I have two weeks to get some details down and to make some plans, so here's hoping!)
    (Also, my openID isn't working; my URL is!)

  3. My novel is a fantasy/adventure about two brothers searching for a way to enter the most decrepit part of the world to take back what the government stole from them years ago-- their family.

  4. My novel is about a little boy who finds out his older sister is a goblin changeling. She is kidnapped while driving him to school and with the help of another goblin named Hoeken, he tries to get her back before everyone in his world forgets about her. There's a good reason his sister didn't want him to get involved though.

  5. My novel is about a pair of siblings living in a medieval-esque world where dragons are just a part of the day-to-day reality but the war brewing underground is not. When the siblings find themselves forcefully divided to either side of this impending war their only goals are to stay as uninvolved as possible and find one another as soon as they can. But staying impartial in a war is not as easy as it sounds, and when everyone is fighting for nation and freedom finding someone who wants to just help you get home can be next to impossible.