Friday, November 1, 2013

Nano Day #1

OKAY. So, it's the end of the first day. (I mean, it's not for us west coast folk, still got some time to go.) But, the day's concluding for our friends on the east coast. So, here are some troubles I've got glimpses of on the Tumblrsphere --

  1. Help! Help! I'm barely into my story and it's horrendous! It feels horrendous because it's been a struggle, but the worst thing you can do at this point is to stop and go back to read. Keep going forward, don't look back, and don't rewrite!
  2. I wrote way too much of [insert thing] into the beginning, what should I do? Nothing. Keep going forward, don't look back, and don't rewrite!
  3. The day is practically over and I've barely written anything/nothing at all! Calm down. It's okay. Don't panic. The first few days are going to take some adjusting to, like stepping into cold water. At first, it stings, and it might be disorienting, but it doesn't mean you won't adjust. Let yourself adjust first.
  4. I don't really know where my story's going, but it's not what I thought. The first draft is the first draft for a reason -- you're just starting to get to know your story. Some people have a pretty good idea of what they're going to write when they begin, some people write themselves into knowing what they're going to write. Some people even finish and go, "What the heck did I just write?" All of these forms of writing are totally legitimate.
 So, tell me, how did the first day go? What's your word count so far? Had any trouble? Tell me the thing.


  1. Had a little trouble getting started today and I'm not liking the beginning, but I'm still pushing forward and hoping it gets better. I reached a little over the goal for today but I'm thinking of going ahead and starting on working towards tomorrows goal.

    1. I always like having that buffer zone. I'll set a goal and really actually try to aim to do more than the goal, and sometimes I'll hit it or I'll fall so short that it's embarrassing! Also, I have tons of trouble getting started, too. It's the hardest part for me and I have to fight myself with it.

      I hope your progress has been nice and sweet and steady!