Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Small Update!

Hey, all! We just want to let you know that the blogger here is certainly not dead. I've written quite a bit of content for our Tumblr, which updates daily. If you don't follow us on Tumblr, we recommend you do, because that's always active.

We have a backlog of 250 Words Smash applicants that we'll be climbing into in the near future (recent creative endeavors have been extremely distracting), so look forward to that!

Also, I'll probably start a slow trickle of transferring posts from the Tumblr to here. There's some really good ones.

And I just want to share with you guys what we look like when you google "Keyboard Smash Writers":

WAH. It's so neat and cool and fancy and official-looking and, and, and.

The layout here has also been updated to match the Tumblr. I was so freakin' tired of the ugly background that I finally kicked myself into changing it (and I'd meant to change only the background, but then I ended up spending hours changing both the background and the header, sigh).

For now, I'll start working on a queue for posts to update here. If you have a 250 Words Smash waiting in our inbox, feel absolutely free to revise and resend to us (just make sure you mention it's revised in the subject so we don't pick out your previous submission).

That's it for now. We'll have some BIG news come June!

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