Sunday, July 8, 2012

Where did that hiatus come from?

Sorry about the long absence, everyone. The past few months of school nearly did me in and we needed to take a serious break from any commitments. (Otherwise I was going to take my bio book, fry it up in some soy sauce, and eat it with a glass of merlot if I wasn't allergic to alcohol. And, just in case anyone was wondering, I got a B in that class. My first B in my college career. I turned all sorts of purple that day.)

Anyway, we'll get started on some new posts soon, and we owe some word smashes to a couple extremely patient submitters, so expect those in the near future as well.

Also, I'm totally going to have to replace some images here with different URLS because my photobucket bandwidth expired. AGAIN. I'm not even sure how it managed to do it this time, but it did, AGAIN. Don't worry, we're divorcing, and currently debating custody. It's an ugly battle.

If we're quiet here, chances are we're pretty active on our tumblr account. (Currently on the menu is a lot of art stuff, Korra, Loki and some Avengers but mostly Loki, feminism, and politics, not necessarily in that order.)

Look forward to a post on creating realistic characters!

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